Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Grade 1 Parts of a plant activity 27th Jan'2017

An activity on parts of a plant was conducted in the class. Kids pasted different parts of the plant on A4 size paper provided to them by the teacher. Through this activity kids were able to differentiate between different parts of a plant.

Sr. Kg. celebrated Republic Day on 25th Jan

Children of Sr.kg celebrated Republic Day knowing about the national leaders. They were also shown a small PPT on Republic Day they also made a tri-colour flower as a takeaway.

Nursery - Republic day – 23rd to 25th Jan’2017

Teacher discussed with children importance of Republic day and showed them images of India's great freedom fighters. 
Children made our National flower "Lotus" using origami. 
Children coloured our National fruit "Mango" picture using balloon painting art.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Grade 1 time activity

The children of grade 1 conducted the activity of paper plate clock. 
Teacher wrote the time on the board and asked the children to draw the minute hand and the hour hand on the paper plate clock. 
The children drew the hands on the paper clock with lot of excitement. 
This way children understood that clock shows the time,  short hand is called hour hand and long hand is called 
Minute hand. 

Grade 7 Chemistry Detection of Hard water and Soft water Activity

Students were provided with different samples of water. They added soap solution to different samples given and detected the sample as hard or soft water. Students then differentiated between hard and soft water. Students enjoyed doing this activity.

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Grade 7 Chemistry Activity Water expands on cooling.

Students were provided with bottle of water (Filled up to the brim). The bottle was kept inside the deep freezer for one day and observations were noted for expansion of water on cooling. Students enjoyed doing this activity.

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