Monday, September 21, 2015

Winners of Hindi Diwas Competition on 14th September, 2015

Hindi Diwas was celebrated on 14 th of September,2015.
We had in-house Hindi competitions. Different topics were given grade wise.
Children participated enthusiastically and enjoyed.
The results of the competitions are as follows:

GRADE – 1     Poetry Recitation.
Theme : Festivals / Seasons / My school.

Results –
               1st ---  ISHIKA  MANISH
              2nd --- RUCHA  RANE
                         NIVEDITHA  MENON
              3rd ---  JUI LAD

GRADE – 2    Poetry Recitation.

Theme : Festivals / Seasons / My school.

Results –
               1st ---  SOHAN RANE
               2nd ---  DRISHTI  KARIA   
                           SIYA  APTE            
                3rd ---  ARNAV  TIWARI
                           CATHERINE   FERNANDES
GRADE – 3    Hand Writing Competition

Results –
              1st ---  ADIRAJ  KULKARNI
              2nd ---  AARYA  WAGH
               3rd ---  MAHI  DARGAD
                          ANSHUL  DHAVALE

GRADE – 4    Slogan Writing

Theme : Save Water / Go Green / Save Environment
Results –
               1st ---  AVANI  BOMMAKANTI
               2nd ---  SARTHAK  YADAV                     
               3rd ---  MIHIR  DESHMUKH
GRADE – 5   and  6       Essay Writing

Theme :  Jiwan me computer ka mahatva / Vigyan vardan ya abhishap / Swasthya         
                 Aur vyayam.
Results –
               1st ---  VARAD  PASHTE 
               2nd ---  HARSHVARDHAN  TIWARI
               3rd ---  VAISHNAV  SALVI

Sunday, September 20, 2015


“The Linguist – A Language Extravaganza “an Inter School Competition was organized by The Universal School , Ghatkopar on 12th of September,2015.
Our students of Grade – 6 a) Aamina Kagzi and b) Harshvardhan Tiwari participated in the following category respectively:
Poems come alive: English Recitation Competition.
Kavi Sammelan: Hindi Recitation Competition.

Both the students participated confidently and got a great exposure.

Grade 1 - Topic- Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration – 11th September, 2015

As a built up to the Ganesh Chaturthi, students were shown video on "The story behind the birth of Ganesha". They enjoyed watching the story and then proceeded to our craft activity.Each student prepared their own Ganapati with paper cups and craft paper. Children were happy with their own creationof small Ganesha.

Grade 3 - CD Ganesha - 11th September 2015

This week’s Cultural Studies period was full of creativity. With Ganesh Chaturthi coming up in couple of days our students made face of the elephant head god using old waste CD's. The teacher had cut and stuck the CD's and students decorated it with bindis and stars. All the students were excited to see as the old waste CD's took the form of a beautiful face of lord Ganesha. The students were also shown a small video clip that talks about the significance of Ganesh Chaturthi. Through this session the students not only learnt the story behind the festival but also learnt to bring out the best out of waste things.

Nursery,, - Creative cooking - 11th September, 20015

It was a fun day with creative cooking. Teacher showed them the ingredients to make biscuit delight by using tomato, biscuits, shev and cheese. Kids enjoyed watching and participating by making biscuit delight and eating it together.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Winners of Art & Craft Competition on 7th September,2015

Grade 1
Maria Kagzi and nivedita menon
Heramb Kulkarn
Joseph fernandes

Grade 2
Arin Bagul
Drishti Kara
Avaneesh Agarwal

Grade 3
Aarya and Mahi Dargad
Aadiba Shikh

Grade 4
Mihir Deshmukh
Sarthak Yadav
Toral Kothari

Grade 5 & 6
Varad Pashte
Aamina Kagzi
Harshvardhan Tiwari and Aryaswa Bhonsale

Nursery - Yellow Colour Week - 7th September to 11th September, 2015

Day 1
Children wore yellow coloured clothes and were very excited to show their new clothes and shoes they wore.
Kids brought yellow coloured toy and had great fun exchanging and playing with the toys.
Kids brought yellow colour food items in their tiffin box. Eg Dhokla,Chips, Poha, Paratha etc.
Group activity was performed in the class, kids coloured the sun with yellow crayon and stuck yellow marble paper on the sun. 
Kids were given a cutout of sunflower, they coloured it yellow and their take way was ready.

Jr. Kg – Concept - Yellow Day – 7th September, 2015

Children had come in Yellow dress and different object were shown to kids to identify the Yellow colour. Children enjoyed this day playing with the yellow object.

Grade 1 to 6 - Janmashtmi Celebration - 4th September 2015

On the occasion of Janmashtami, the cultural studies class took a colorful turn as the students celebrated the birth of Lord Krishna. The students were explained the significance and were shown the rituals performed on that particular day. A decorative earthen pot filled with chocolates resembling the “Dahi handi “was placed on a center table. The students were blindfolded and were asked to locate the pot. The fun part of this activity was when the blindfolded students were also misguided by their peers. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Grade 2 - Words that sound same – 2nd September, 2015

Flashcards with same sound words were given to the each student and
asked them to search their partners. For eg :-The student with word
'not' flashcard will find its partner 'knot'. And then were asked to
make a sentence, using both the word.

Students actively participated and did their own show and tell activity. They did make their own sentences. For eg-Do 'not' forget to tie a 'knot'on your shoes. The concept was well grasped by the students and enjoyed the activity too.

Grade 3 - Food Chain Activity - 26th August 2015

The students were divided into two groups. Each group prepared a different food chain by pasting pictures of herbivores and carnivores on the chart paper. This activity made them learn how each animal is dependent on another for survival. Thus the students understood the concept of food chain. 

Grade 4 - Timeline Project - 26th August 2015

Vacation with My Family

Students were asked to prepare a collage of vacation photographs with their family. They displayed the lovely memories and moments with their families through photographs in the form of a chart. The students gave details about the trip that they had been to and how they enjoyed every moment with their family.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Winners of Mathematics Competition on 31st August, 2015

Grade 1: Add, Subtract and Match- Students used the innovative technique of counting forward to add and backward to subtract to match the correct answers.
Heramb Kulkarni
Aaryan Das
Ishika Manish
Grade 2: Numbers and Words - Words having value were given, students used their excellent skills of addition to solve the same.
Arin Bagul
Siya Apte
Dristi Karia

Grade 3: SHAPE COLLAGE - Students used a particular shape to make beautiful collage which has enhanced their creativity.
Gargi Shanbhag
Aarya Wagh
Mahi Dargad
Jonathan Sarkar

Grade 4: Addition FubukiStudents used 3 by 3 grid with numbers 1 to 9 so that each line adds up to a given sum.
Mihir Deshmukh
Grade 5: Mathdoku
Varad Pashte

GRADE 6: ‘ROTATIONAL SYMMETRY’-The students used creative ideas to display diagrams which are rotationally symmetrical.
Aamina Kagzi
Harshavardhan Tiwari

Nursery, Jr.Kg, Sr.Kg - Dress up Day - National Leaders - 28th August, 2015

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Grade1 – Cultural Studies - Raksha Bandhan Story - 28th August 2015

 The students were explained about the significance of the festival between a brother and sister. A decorated aarti thali was also shown to the students. Children enjoyed watching a video behind the history of Raksha bandhan festival and everyone was eager to celebrate it the next day.