Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Grade 5 – Dramatics 16th Mar’2017

Dramatics was performed by grade 5 on topics of 1) Bullying 2) Good verses Bad 3) Fading beauty. The students enjoyed performing skits on the various topics. The students learned and understood how to face the audience confidently, show expressions and emotions also voice modulation.

Grade 4 – Dramatics 16th Mar’17

Dramatics was performed by students of grade 4 on value based topics of 1) To Respect elders, family and friends 2) To show Gratitude. The students enjoyed performing the skits and they also learned how to script, show expressions and emotions, how to do voice modulation also how to face the audience confidently. 

Grade 2 - Electricity 14' Mar’17

Show and tell activity : Kids brought pictures  of electrical gadgets like fan, LED bulbs, etc and gave information on how to save electricity at home and at school.

Grade 1 - Literary Fest Games 10th Mar’17

A game was conducted for grade 1 students – form meaningful words from the jumbled words. The students enjoyed the game as it was full of fun while forming proper words.

Grade - 4 Air, Water and Weather 09th Mar’17

The students enjoyed making a model of an anemometer with plastic cups and straws. It was indeed a learning experience for them.