Monday, August 31, 2015

Grade 3 - Onam & Raksha Bandhan - 28th August, 2015

People are inherently crafty, as children we learn by playing and exploring our world. 

On the day of Onam festival and with Raksha Bandhan the very next day we organised for 2 DIY activities. For girls Rakhi making and for boys Gift Envelope (using old invitation cards). The girls used their creativity to bring out the best designs on Rakhi and boys on the other hand along with the help of teacher made beautiful gift envelopes. This activity also imparted the value of creating best out of waste among students. Later the students were shown a video on the story on Onam festival. The students enjoyed the video and also had loads of fun making Rakhi and envelope.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Winners of English Speaking Skill competition on 24th August, 2015

GRADE 1 :- “STORY WITH VALUES” – The students narrated various stories with the props. 

GRADE 2:-“SPELL BEE COMPETITION”-The students were  given worksheets to solve the questions related to grammar topics and G.K.
Siya Apte                                       
Arin Bagul

GRADE 3:-“Rummage Around  Competition”: The students were asked to search antonyms and synonyms from the given grid.
Gargi Shanbhag                                      
Adhiraj Kulkarni

GRADE 4:- “WORD JIGSAW”- The children were given a miss spelt paragraph and they had to comprehend the matter with the correct spellings.

GRADE 5 :- “SPEED UP” (DICTIONARY ACT) – Students were given difficult words and they had to find those words in the dictionary.

Jr. Kg- Singing Competition – 24th August, 2015

Singing competition of Mother tongue songs was held in the class. Each Child sang the song with energy and joy. As an appreciation teacher gave a "Well-done card".

Grade 4 - Healthy Salad Party - 25th August 2015

The students along with the help of teacher made a healthy salad in class. 
The ingredients used in the salad are as follows:

Boiled sprouted Moong-1 cup
Boiled corn kernels-1 cup
Chopped apple-1 cup
Chopped cucumber-1 cup
Pomegranate-1 cup
Chat masala-1/2 tsp
Lemon juice-1 tsp
Salt-to taste

All the above ingredients were mixed well in a vessel. The students served each other this delicious and healthy salad. The students were also explained the nutrients available in each of the ingredients. 

The students enjoyed this activity as they got to make this salad on their own.

Grade 4- Make a Healthy Plateful - 25th August, 2015

Students were given assignment to prepare a plate according to their diet (food they eat on regular basis). This activity helps students to identify whether they are eating a balanced diet food or not. The students also answered a set of questions from the worksheet file. The students were able to tell what nutrients are available and what nutrients are missing from their favourite food. The students creatively prepared their healthy plate.

Grade 4- Healthy or Unhealthy?-25th August 2015

Two food wrappers nutritive value was compared to understand if the food item is healthy or unhealthy. One was a pack of Digestive Biscuit and other was a pack of Namkeen. The students learned how to select healthy food based on its nutritional benefits. The students also mentioned the nutrients missing in the Namkeen packet. This activity helped students to choose the best healthy food for their growth and development.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sr. Kg – Making Greeting card for brothers /sister – 24th August, 2015

Competition of making greeting card for siblings was held, each child made it in a very innovative, creative and presentable way, by using different sketch pens, stickers, quotes, and many different things. Teachers appreciated the children by given them a "Well-Done Card". - Buddy day - 22nd August 2015

Teacher started the day with welcoming the kids with their buddy. We started with games like fire in the mountain, passing the parcel, musical chair. All kids were having a blast while playing the games. After the games were over teacher and kids were dancing on different songs and enjoying the dance. Teacher told the kids to stand with their friends gave each other a buddy card and a hug. Kids enjoyed their day with their buddy. - Father’s day - 22nd august 2015

Teacher welcomed all the fathers and children, and talked about the father’s role in everyone’s life. Teacher organized some games like-putting beads in the thread, throwing ball in the bucket and paper folding dance. In all these games children and fathers were actively involved and participated. Parents enjoyed the dancing. They all had a fun time together.

Nursery - Mother’s Day - 22nd August 2015

Teacher started the day by welcoming the mothers and children. We started with paper folding game- parents danced on the paper and as the music stopped they had to fold the paper. The 2nd game-balloon balancing where parent and child had to balance the balloon as per the instruction like balancing head to head, knee to knee, back to back,  stomach to stomach. 3rd game dumb charades were parents were divided in 2 groups and they were enacting on cartoon movies. We finished the day by parents and children dancing. All enjoyed playing and spending time with each other.

Nursery,, - Creative Cooking - 21st August 2015

Pre primary had an activity of creative cooking of Barfi making. Teacher showed all the ingredient like dry coconut powder, milkmade, cinnamon powder and mixed the paste properly. After the teacher made small pieces of barfi and all the kids enjoyed eating barfi together.

Nursery - Favorite Season Wear - 20th august 2015

It was a show and tell activity of my favorite season wear. Kids got their favorite season wear like raincoat, umbrella, sweater and some wore summer cloths. Teacher spoke about all the season, its wear, its eatables and the things we use.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Grade 1 – Cultural Studies - Keep your word - 21st August, 2015

The students were explained the value of 'Keeping up your word' by giving real life examples and then a small Indian short story was shown to students. They all enjoyed watching the story and it was an interactive session. When asked about the moral of the story, they came up with various values like sharing with their friends, helping the poor, loving one another and lastly keeping up the word.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Grade 3 - Indians States and Union Territories - 21st August, 2015

In this week of Cultural Studies the students learnt about 29 states of India and 7 Union Territories along with their capital and languages spoken in those states. A video was shown displaying map of India which showed the location of states and the state capital. The clip also gave information about state's official language. Each student could relate to their respective states and they discussed about the languages they speak. A chart was prepared having all the names of 29 States and 7 Union Territories as post-it on the chart paper, each student had to write the capital city on the chart. The students enjoyed this activity as they could recollect what they saw in video and reproduce the same on the chart work.

Grade 4 - Show and Tell – Soil – 21st August, 2015

The students put in their best for the show and tell activity. The students were given below topics to present before the class:

Sr. No
Students Name
Organic Farming
Terrace Farming

The models and presentation aids used by the students were prepared by themselves. Toral made a miniature model of Terrace Farm and also demonstrated the class how soil erosion occurs on slopes of mountains. 

Grade 3 - Weather Reporter Activity - 17th August, 2015

All the students were informed a week in advance to prepare a short weather report of Thane City. The students posed themselves as weather reporters and gave the weather report of that day. The students mentioned that they gathered the weather forecast data from the newspaper and news channel. Each student presented the report beautifully and this activity helped to enhance their confidence of speaking in front of the class. The students enjoyed the activity.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Grade 3 - Parts of a Plant - 13th August, 2015

1) An experiment was conducted to show that stem conducts water to all parts of the plant. A white flower was placed on a bottle which was partially filled with red water. Gradually this white flower developed a pinkish tinge which shows that the stem transports water to different parts of the plant.

2) Two potted plants, (green gram) planted on the same day, in similar pots. They were labeled as Pot A and Pot B. One pot was placed in the sunlight and the other pot was placed in the dark. After a few days it was noticed that the pot which was kept in sunlight, had grown and the leaves were green in colour. Whereas the pot which was kept in the dark, had yellow leaves. This proves that sunlight is required for photosynthesis. The pot which was kept in dark could not prepare its food so the leaves turned yellow. The children understood the importance of photosynthesis and noticed the difference between the two potted plants.

Grade 3 - Fibres - 29th July, 2015

Students were asked to bring fabrics of different materials like cotton, nylon, silk, wool, rayon, linen, jute etc. They touched the different fabrics and understood that each material had its own texture. Some materials like silk and linen are soft to touch whereas materials like jute are rough to touch. It was also mentioned that cotton clothes are preferred in summer and woolens are worn in winter. This helped the students to understand different kinds of fabrics and their uses.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Jr. Kg Show and tell – Concept - Food from different states of India – 14th August, 2015

It was a Show and Tell activity of food from different states of India, different state foods were bought by every child and it was kept together. Then with the help of children teacher explained the different food items bought by the kids according to their state. The taste, flavor, colour and favoritism were discussed in the class. Kids shared and enjoyed the different taste of the food like Idli sambhar, Kanolye (Karanjee), Modak, shirkhand purl, Shankarpalli, Dosa etc. They had a nice delicious party. 

Sr kg Show and Tell - Freedom Fighter - 14th August, 2015

Children brought photos of different freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Lokmanya Tilak, Rani Lakshmi Bai and they spoke two lines about the respective leaders .Teacher also gave some details about the freedom fighters and their love and respect for our Motherland.  Children were very happy and thankful to know about our National Leaders.

Nursery – Show and Tell – Golden Words - 14th August, 2015

Teacher introduced the 5 Golden words to the kids, She gave different situation to the children and told them when and where to use these golden words like Thank-you, Welcome, Sorry, Please, May I, and … Kids bought cutout of golden words and spoke about it. It was a nice time of interaction between teacher and children.

Renaissance (Art festival)-15th August 2015 - Activities

Gandhi topi Making

On the occasion of Renaissance Art Fest, we had an activity of making Gandhi topi with newspaper. All the parents were assembled in one room for the activity. Every parent was given a sheet of paper. 2 kids accompanied with the teacher to show the parents how to prepare Gandhi topi. Parents enjoyed and were very happy to learn to prepare a Gandhi topi.

Shake your leg

The children of grade 3,4,5 taught the parents different steps of Bhangra and Garba. Parents followed the steps with great enthusiasm .It was a fun activity and everyone enjoyed a lot.

Mouth and foot painting artist

The Foot and Mouth painters are from internationally registered society showed their skill by sketching with their foot and mouth. The parents and children were stunned to see such an amazing performance. This has set up a mark that nothing is Impossible.

Backdrop work by students

All the activity done on the backdrop was made by all the children of all the grades.
Reception-Cotton dabbing on national symbols like peacock, tiger, lotus.
Preparation-Festivals of India
Foundation- Shape cutout on Indian flag with tri colour.
Grade1- Book marks with their thumb print on it.
Grade2- Drawing- unity is strength and paper chains
Grade3- bottle painting  and hand peacock
Grade4-Drawing-India gate and sand painting.
Grade5&6 -Painted the letters RENAISSANCE with fevicol painting and water colours.
Grade4,5,6- Gandhi topi.